Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3 days until Pre-op

Well it's is 3 days until my two week pre-op diet starts. So far I have been good about my vitamins. Still trying to wean off coffee and need to start my walking. It doesn't seem like my surgery is so close, it's odd but in not nervous really at all. Ask me again the night before haha. 

I'm going to go an buy my pre-op food this week. My brother Inlaw actually suggested that with breakfast instead of doing the 2oz of fruit to do a veggie, like avacado. He said it is better for you cortisol levels and since women normally have more spikes and drops in cortisol that it would help stabelize it to start my day without sugar. 

Another thing I will be doing as well is during my post op period since clear liquids don't really have fat or calories I will be having 1tsp of coconut oil twice a day. He said it will help with my energy and will also put a little fat in my diet because when you have no fat to burn your body starts eating your muscle tissue for fuel. It sounds gross but It will go down easy because coconut oil is a solid until it gets warm and then melts. Now I'm not a medical professional, but these are things I am trying and I will let you know how it goes :-)

Where are you in your journey? I hope this is helpful.

How I'm feeling? Not worried, not stressed, just kind of going with the flow. 
Check back during the pre-op diet lol I will probably be starving even though it will all be mental not physical. :-)

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