Friday, March 28, 2014

7down and 6 to go...

Good morning :-) today is day 7 of my pre op diet and I am feeling wonderful, have been eating lean protein, veggies, fruit, and when I'm craving a sweet I'm eating sugar free pudding or Popsicles. 

I have been having good fats and veggie carbs. I do believe in this lifestyle change that things shouldn't be cut out, just portion control and make good food choices 98% of the time. 

Example is that I LOVE tacos. So the other day i had fish tacos but instead of a taco shell I used a romaine lettuce leave with tomatoes, avocados, and some black beans with hit sauce. It satisfied my craving without eating bad carbs. But to tell you the truth a little bit of bad carb every once in a while won't kill you! Once you start "cutting things out" is when you start being on a "diet" and you will fail. 


So I wanted to share a yummy find.... 80 calories and 12 grams of protein. These are so good! They have several flavors including a chocolate and cherry... MUST have! :-) 

Well I'm sure these next few days before my surgery will fly by but I'm actually doing pretty good.... Not too nervous yet but I am also very lucky to have a great support system.... I'm very grateful for all of them especially my Boyfriend. He is great and always supports me and I love him for that :-) 

Happy Friday!

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