Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 5...9 to go....

     Well it is day 5, not craving sweets really anymore which is good...still think OMG I want one when I walk by those damn reeses eggs :-( but I am resisting the Easter candy! :-) Yesterday was tough towards the end of the day...due to the lack of calories (only about 500-600 a day) I am getting pretty tired at the end of the day, not sleepy tired, but my body is just worn out. I am actually going to call the doctor this morning and see if there is any suggestions and make sure that this calorie count is what they really want.  I am completely off coffee, however every few days I am allowing myself a few sips because eventually after surgery I intend to be a coffee drinker again if I can because I love it!
     Since every one is on a different pre-op diet I figured I would share mine because everyone seems pretty shocked about the calories :-) My diet is for the two weeks before surgery. My three meals consist of 1.5oz of protein, 2oz of veggies or fruit, but I tend to go for the veggies because they keep me full longer. Then in between the three meals I have 8oz of milk with protein powder. If I get hungry at all in between I am having a sugar free popsicle or sugar free fat free jello, but really I am usually only having that after dinner.

     Anyways.... I am hoping these two weeks go by fast because I am ready to have my surgery and start recovering. :-) Have a fantastic day!

Oh almost forgot there is a great tip on the blog "The world according to Egg Face" and I am going to put this on my list. I just love her blog!! here is the link:


  1. Those preop diets are rough. My doctor didn't require one, I was so glad!

  2. Easter candy is definitely one of my favorites... especially those damn Cadbury Eggs... lol

    Also, love that you're totally following the "fat is not bad" way of thinking since there is more evidence to back it =)

  3. SheZug yes it is a bit a pain, not too bad though :-)

    Joanna- Yes Easter candy is the devil LOL.... Yes good fats are good!! :-) And they are a must because if you run out of fat to burn your body will start eating your muscle which is bad :-) I have changed my lifestyle to a balance between all foods, I find if I cut one out then you crave it even more!