Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Whole Coconut milk

I almost forgot one thing! During the process after surgery once you are able to have regular food if you find you are loosing weight too fast and are concerned a healthy suggestion I heard about was to buy whole coconut milk and put a tablespoon of it (the creme portion) in your protein shakes. This will add a little healthy fat to your diet as well as some yummy flavor. 

Of course check with your doctor but this is my plan of attack because "skinny fat" isn't pretty lol with these surgeries sometimes you will loose so drastically and since you can't eat much you don't get enough fat and your body will burn muscle which will give you that skinny fat look. You want to keep all your muscle and just burn fat :-) the goal is to keep muscle tone. 

Check with your doctor... But this is my plan of attack :-) especially when I start working out. There needs to be a healthy balance between calories and fat burned and intake. 

**this is usually found with the Asian food. 

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